Patio Misting System

Summer temperatures can be unbearable, making many people look for better and more effective ways of staying cool. Outdoor misting systems are one of the available options that have gained popularity. You have probably encountered a misting system at some point, perhaps in an amusement park during the hot months of summer. Most restaurants use overhead misters that are usually hidden in plants and other structures. This kind of misting system is ideal for patio cooling. Installing a misting system is not complicated; it just needs proper planning to ensure maximum efficiency. Are you wondering where to get a patio misting system? Look no further; we’ve got you.

At Cool-Off, we are the leading supplier of high-quality and effective outdoor misting systems. Location does not limit our customers as we ship all our products wherever they are no extra cost. What’s more, we have a wide selection of outdoor misting systems and supply them at competitive prices.

What are the Best Features for an Outdoor Misting System?

All outdoor misting systems are not equal. This means that you should be keen on purchasing a misting system built for the purpose you are buying it for. For instance, indoor misting systems are not designed to withstand extreme outdoor conditions. As such, they should specifically be used indoors. That said, while looking for an outdoor misting system, go for one with the following features:

  • High Pressure and UV Rated Pumps

Before buying a misting system for your patio, make sure that it is rated to be used outdoors. Get one that is high pressure and UV rated to avoid busting and cracking due to high water pressure and hot temperatures outdoors.

  • Enclosed Quality

Outdoor misting systems should be enclosed with quality material to avoid getting damaged easily. Aluminum material is heavy grade and sturdy, making it ideal for outdoor purposes.

How Much Water do Misting Systems Use?

Know how much water an outdoor misting system will use before purchasing one. Misting systems have different types of operating systems, and will, therefore, use varying amounts of water. However, most misting systems use water ranging between 600ml and 800ml per minute. Various factors affect the estimated amount of water that a misting system will use. They include; the type of nozzle, number of nozzles, frequency of use, and water pressure of the misting system.

Mosquito Misting System

Outdoor misting systems are sometimes called mosquito misters. A mosquito misting system will spray a fine mist of pesticides to mosquitoes, killing them. Ensure your family is more comfortable outdoors by protecting them from mosquito bites. However, it is important to know what pesticide your misting system needs to use. Look for the details on the list of active ingredients indicated on the container’s label.

Where to Purchase an Outdoor Misting System

Let us make everything cool under the sun for you. At Cool-Off, we pride ourselves in our durable patio misting system. You can get it from wherever you are at affordable rates. We will not charge you any shipping fees. Call 800-504-6478 to make your order today.